Wine Tasting Basics

Make your visit to the wineries and tasting rooms more than just a shot of wine in a glass.  We want you to take away the "Napa Experience."
1.  Plan your day.  Do you want to:
     A)  Have someone drive you?  There are several options, someone who shuttles you to
           wineries, someone who imparts knowledge while driving to wineries, small group tours,
           or high end small boutique tours.  We will set these up for you. 
     B)  Take your own car?  Check in with us and ask which wineries have the kinds
           of wines you like.  There are 600 wineries in the valley.  Maps are available.
     C)  Combination of both.  We can help with all arrangements. Remember DUI's are
           very expensive and not worth the risk.
2.  Start the day with food. Our three course Breakfast is the best way to begin your journey.  You will want to enjoy the wines and a good breakfast helps keep the alcohol levels in check. 
3.  Take bottled water with you.  Drink a bottle after every winery.  Hydration will make your body happy.
4.  Smell is most of the wine tasting experience.  Leave the scented hairspray, perfume, cologne, shaving lotions, perfumed hand lotions and anything smelly at home.  You will want to smell and taste the wine as it is a large part of the experience.  Don't miss out.
5.  Smoking is not allowed in the tasting rooms or wineries.  Besides being the law, the smell will interfere with the smell and taste of the wine.  The wineries want you and others around you to enjoy the taste and smell of their wine.  Be considerate. 
6.  Bring a light jacket.  Many of the wineries have caves and/or cold storage areas that you may want to visit.  The weather, which is perfect for grape growing,  is very cool in the mornings, hot in the afternoons and then cool in the evenings. 
7.  Comfort is key in the wine country.  Casual dress is perfect.  Relax and enjoy.  Shorts are OK during the day, but business casual is appropriate at most of the restaurants. 
8.  When you arrive pick up a Styrofoam cooler or shipping box and an ice pack.  It will protect the wine you purchase along the way.  Be careful, even on overcast days the interior of your car can reach 100 degrees.  Not good for Wine!  Keep it cool or have the winery ship it.  If you are purchasing one or two bottles from each winery, just bring it back to the Cedar Gables and we will take care of shipping it for you.
9.  Don't forget about happy hour back in the Cedar Gables Inn Tavern where guests share new wineries they have found and their experiences of the day.
For more detailed information check out the Activities Page under the Concierge tab