Room Extras

If you want to pamper yourself, or someone you love, with beautiful flowers, excellent chocolate and a good selection of wine or champagne... this is the place to be.
Call us ahead of time to add these to your room 707-224-7969.
Romance Package-
A dozen Roses* , Chocolate Truffles, and a bottle of Mumm Champagne served in a silver ice bucket with crystal glasses in your room    $119
  A dozen roses is a timeless symbol of romance, true love, beauty and passion. 
  It is the representation of perfection and completeness.        $65
  Something fancy, something sweet, indulge in luxurious chocolate truffles,
  where flavors melt and roll over the tongue.        $15
  Ignite a fire in the heart of a loved one by opening up a bottle of
  Mumm Napa Valley Champagne, served in a silver ice bucket with
  crystal glasses.       $50
  Cheese and Seasonal Fruit Platter*-
  Enjoy some alluring cheeses paired with crackers and fresh fruit.
  This platter is sensational if you add a crisp Sauvignon Blanc
                       or Champagne from our wine cellar.          $40
  Special Occasion Cakes-
  Using only the finest ingredients from the kitchen, your taste buds will
  fall in love at the first bite of these 6 inch Special Occasion Cakes.  Your
  scrumptious cake can have a personalized message from you.       $55
  Snuggle up in your tub and enjoy the soothing candlelight for a romantic soak. We
  will stage your tub with LED candles for safety.     $15
*We have attempted to be as accurate as possible in the portrayal of goods and services.  The availability of seasonal items such as rose colors, specific fruits or cheeses is impossible to predict.  We will substitute in-season products for those we cannot obtain.