Bake! Napa Valley

Bake Napa Valley consists of about 25 members of passionate home bakers and professionals. 
We  hold quarterly meetings (Oct/Feb/May/Aug) with some special events sprinkled in between (mostly educational and always fun).
Regular Quarterly meetings will be held on Wednesday evenings at Cedar Gables Inn at 486 Coombs Street, Napa from 6:30pm until about 9:30pm (except for special circumstances when the guest speaker requires a change to accommodate their schedule).
Each member will be responsible for getting a hold of the cookbook chosen for the meeting (either by purchasing a copy, borrowing from a friend or taking out a copy from the library) and making one recipe to share with the group. 
Once a recipe is chosen you will contact Annie Baker so she can send out an updated menu to the group.  This way we will all know who is making what.  No duplicates!!
We recommend that you make a 1x recipe exactly as the recipe reads (no changes or embellishments) to share.  We will all have small tastes of the items made for the meeting.  And be ready to discuss any problems you had with the recipe, any ingredients you had a tough time getting a hold of, any changes you would recommend making to the recipe (added flavors, ingredients, baking time, etc…)
For the meeting, each person is responsible for bringing the baked item and all sauces, and any accompaniments (whipped cream, powdered sugar, toasted nuts, etc…) to go with the dish and they must be made ahead of time.  Everything must be prepped and ready to go for service to the group.  Please bring a serving tray or plate that can be cut on.  We can provide the serving utensils.
We will provide the tea, coffee and milk to enjoy with the desserts.  Feel free to bring any drinks that you feel will enhance the dessert tasting experience.  
This is supposed to be a fun baking group.  Mistakes are fun, we learn from our mistakes, so do not be afraid to try some new recipes and share your experiences with the group.  Do not feel intimidated and remember to have fun.    
We recommend that you eat a small savory meal before you attend the meeting.  Unless you do not mind having a huge sugar buzz or you follow our motto, eat dessert first!
Co-Founders of Bake! Napa Valley
Annie Baker,  (707) 812-5566
Susie Pope,  (707) 224-7969
  Shirley Corriher at Cedar Gables B Shirley Corriher author of the Bake Wise Cookbook
  Bake Napa Valley club Bake Napa Valley at B&B

Bake Napa Valley Cooking Sugar High at Bake Napa Valley
Now this is the way Shirley likes to talk... 
It rises up andthen it squeezes down andit makes a circle then 
Kablam, its all over your oven 
    Annie, Flo Breaker and Susie        
           Dessert Tasting                 
  Susie, Alice, Annie   Susie, Alice Medrich and Annie

Bake Napa Valley at B&BBake Napa Valley CookingBake Napa Valley Cooking

Look at all the goodies
Bake Napa Valley at Bed and Breakfast  Bake Napa Valley at B&BBake Napa Valley Cooking

Bake Napa Valley at B&BBake Napa Valley CookingBake Napa Valley club

Mom says you have to eat everything on your plate !!!

Bake Napa Valley at Bed and BreakfastBake Napa Valley at B&BMom says eat everything on your plate