Each year, more and more groups are holding their important functions at the Cedar Gables Inn. 
We provide everything from elegant catering to down home BBQ- uniquely designed for your guests. 
If you are planning a Wedding, Cocktail Party, Buffet Dinner, Conference or anything in-between we can help you plan and design the perfect event plus provide custom catering menus to suit your individual needs. 
Let us take the worry out of entertaining your family, friends, guests or business associates. 
Call for Menu items and Pricing.     707-224-7969    
  Sit Down Dining
          -up to 18 guests
  Buffet Dining
          -Up to 55 guests
  Barbecue Dining
          -Up to 55 guests
         Or Inside
  Meeting Goodies
          -Up to 55 guests
        Everything Freshly Baked